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As Public Adjusters, We Deal With The Entire Insurance Claim On Your Behalf. We’ll Evaluate The Damage Done To Your Home Or Office, Review Your Claim, And Work As A Liaison With Your Insurance Company To Get You The Best Possible Payout For The Damages To Your Property.

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Client Testimonials

“I literally cried over the phone when theycalled to to say I was being paid for a new roof. I could not believe it. They represented me in every step of the way, I would always recommed IZP with my eyes closed.”
Pauline C.
Cutler Bay, FL
“We have all used IZP in my family. My brother, my dad and I always know if we have any damages in the house, IZP is the number to call. No matter where we live, IZP will get to us and help out.”
Cooper City, FL
“Thank you, IZP, for your prompt responses and help with everything. It would be easy to be intimidated by an insurance company.

I feel almost powerful with you on my side.”

Edward C.
Coral Gables, FL